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Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI120

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Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI120

Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI120

Price: £5.25
Product code: 464
Availability: in stock

Product Code: UNI120

This part replaces Swirl part number H31 and will replace UNI41
Unifit BOXED Pack of 5
Hoover Turbopower, Turbopower 2, Turbopower 3 upright vacuum cleaner dust bags

Turbopower U1050, U1060, U1100, U1102, U1220, U1290, U1294, U1296, U1400, U1650, U2194, U2196, U2198, U2332, U2334, U2336, U2406, U2408, U2560, U2562, U2566, U2568, U2570, U2572, U2574, U2602, U2634, U2636, U2638, U2716, U2718, U2724, U2798, U2806, U2864, U2866, U2872, UB088, Turbomaster U4362, U5078, U5080, U5094, U5096, U5120, Junior U1412, U1426, U1436, Turbolite U4527, U4529, Turbopower 2 U2090, U2106, U2107, U2111, U2119, U2125, U2129, U2188, U2460, U2462, U2464, U2466, Turbopower 3 U2812, U2814, U2876, U2878, U2880, U2881, U2882, Commercial C1314, C1409, C1417:
DD6000, DD6100, DD6102:

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