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Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI226

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Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI226

Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI226

Price: £8.25
Product code: 458
Availability: in stock

Product Code: UNI226

Unifit ULTRA BOXED Pack of 4.
Miele Models with 4 wheels S400i - S499i, S600i - S699, S800 - S899, S5000 - S5999, S5 vacuum cleaner paper dust bags Type G / N / H

Ultra Power Filtration: Higher Suction, Longer Lasting, Greater Hygiene: Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers:

This bag replaces UNI55, UNI172 & UNI189

Models with 4 wheels S400i - S499i, S600i - S699, S800 - S899, S5000 - S5999, S5, Allergy Control/Plus S400,
Allergy Control/Plus S600,
Allergy Control/Plus S800,
Allergy Stop,
Allervac S400,
Allervac S600,
Allervac S800,
Allervac Sensor,
Allervac Sensor 5000,
Ambiente S5580,
Automatic Hepa 5000,
Automatic TT 5000,
Big Cat & Dog S836,
Black Jewel,
Black Pearl 5000,
Blue Moon,
Blue Moon Plus,
Brilliant 4500,
Brilliant 6600,
Brilliant 8600 - S826,
Care HEPA,
Cat & Dog 2200,
Cat & Dog 5000 - S5,
Cat & Dog 800,
Cat & Dog Mini 1500,
Cat & Dog Plus - S5,
Cat & Dog TT 5000,
Cat and Dog,
Clean Control,
Comfort Care,
Comfort Deluxe 5000,
Electronic 2200,
Electronic 4100,
Electronic 6100,
Electronic 8100,
Elna Allergy Control,
Excel Human - S400,
Excel Human - S600,
Exquisit N,
Exquisit SE - S400,
Exquisit XE,
Free Time Cherry,
Free Time Fresh,
Free Time Lagoon,
Green Magic,
Haus & Co 5000 - S5,
Hepa Filter,
Medic Air 800,
Medic Air Plus,
Medic Air S800 Plus,
Medicair 800,
Medicair Plus,
Medicair Plus - 5000,
Medicair Plus - CH,
Medicair Plus - S800,
Medivac - S400,
Meteor BL,
Meteor BXL,
Meteor SE,
Meteor XL,
Mondia 1500,
Mondia D,
Mondia LX,
Mondia N,
Parkett & Co 5000,
Parkett & Co 800,
Parkett & Co Plus,
Parkett + Co Plus,
Parquet & Co Plus,
Parquet 2200,
Parquet 800,
Premium 5000,
Primavera - S5,
Red Passion - CH,
Revolution 5000,
Revolution 600,
Revolution Power Plus,
S400i - S499i Series,
S5 Series,
S600 - S699 Series,
S800 - S899 Series,
Senator LX,
Senator Parquet,
Senator Plus,
Senator S,
Senator SE,
Silverstar - S400,
Soft Satin - S846,
Soft Satin Silver,
Soft Silver,
Solution Hepa 5000,
Solution Plus,
Special Turbo,
Sunflower (4 Wheels),
Total Care 5000,
Type G / N,
White Pearl,
XTRA Power 2100 XL,
XXL - S812,
XXL 2000,
XXL Care Hepa:

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