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Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI240

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Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI240

Unifit Vacuum Bag UNI240

Price: £6.50
Product code: 475
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Product Code: UNI240

This part replaces Swirl part numbers Swirl PC87, PC89, Uni57, Uni63 and Uni201
Unifit ULTRA BOXED Pack of 5
Panasonic cylinder vacuum cleaner paper dust bags

Ultra Power Filtration: Higher Suction, Longer Lasting, Greater Hygiene: Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers:

All cylinder models 1990+ MCE60 - MCE69 MCE61, MCE62, MCE70 - MCE79, MCE80 - MCE89, MCE83, MCE88, MCE650 - MCE659 MCE651, MCE652, MCE655, MCE735 - MCE759 MCE741, MCE750, MCE751, MCE752, MCE753, MCE761, MCE770 - MCE778, MCE78. Series, MCE780 - MCE799, MCE781, MCE783, MCE785, MCE850 - MCE873 MCE851, MCE852, MCE861, MCE862, MCE865, MCE867, MCE881 - MCE886, MCE951 - MCE952, MCE960 - MCE989, MCE1000- MCE1099, MCE7001 - MCE7002, MCE7010, MCE7011 - MCE7012, MCE7140, MCE9001, MCE9003, MCCG663ZP47:
2001LB, 2021LB:

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